Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs

The Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs oversees the following powers to run the work of the people and the units associated with it, which are:-

1- Financial Division (registration Unit, Salaries Unit, Treasurer Unit, Warehouse Unit)

2- Administrative Division ( human resources unit, services, and maintenance unit, information unit)


Tasks and duties:

1- Developing, organizing, and planning workforce and personnel affairs, supervising rehabilitation programs, raising the efficiency of workers, taking care of their rights, and ensuring the proper functioning of the institute.

2 – Supervising the preparation of schedules and formations for jobs,  coordinating with the Administrative and Financial Division, updating the human resources plan, and obtaining fundamental approvals from the Northern Technical University.

3- Follow up on all procedures related to the divisions and units related to the movement of procedures and entitlements related to transfer, secondment, assignment, placement, promotion, and bonuses, in addition to the periodic reports of the information bank for the affiliates.

4- Granting all kinds of licenses and supervising their documentation in the prescribed records and forms.

5- Organizing work contracts in the institute with daily wages for service and maintenance purposes and obtaining approvals from the Dean.

6- Follow up on the work progress and the daily attendance of employees at the appropriate time at the start of the official working hours and leaving after the end of the official working hours. The administrative division or the office of the assistant master is assigned to set the record and raise the names of those absent from the daily work.

7- Working on following up on the daily work requirements of the employees and holding the negligent accountable in the units affiliated to the Assistant Dean or when there is a defect in the performance of duties in the maintenance and services unit that impedes the progress of work.

8- Preparing the memos related to the schedules of the services of the employees whose services have ended (retirement, resignation, termination of service, reaching the legal age) and obtaining the approval of the Dean to take the necessary measures.

9- Referring all transactions and memoranda to the people, administrative and financial units, registration, and library through the assistant master, which is one of the powers of the Supreme President.

10- Implementing and chairing the committees for the discipline of state employees.

11- Suggesting the heads and members of the annual permanent and temporary committees.

12- Follow-up on the implementation of the administrative orders of the maintenance committees, in addition to following up on the implementation of the maintenance and services unit’s work on an almost daily basis and as needed.

13- Direct daily supervision of the work of the administrative and financial divisions and submitting proposals that will overcome difficulties to implement the work smoothly.