Tasks, Duties, and Objectives of the “Assistant Dean for Scientific and Student Affairs”

The Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs oversees the following powers to run the work of the divisions and the units associated with it, which are:-

  1. Scientific Division (Student Training Unit, Continuing Education Unit, University Statistics Unit)
  2. Student Affairs Division (Registration Unit, Documents and Certificates Unit)
  3. Library unit

Tasks and duties

  1. Teaching (according to the established quorum).
  2. Assisting the higher management of the Institute in setting goals and drawing plans and strategies in the scientific field; to take the necessary decisions.
  3. Supervising the implementation of plans, programs, and policies established for divisions and units; To ensure the safety and accuracy of implementation and adherence to it.
  4. Submitting proposals for developing the administrative and structural organization (for the college/institute) to transform the general goals and plans into sub-goals and activities and apply quality management principles in all fields.
  5. Studying the training needs of workers and nominating them for courses to develop their abilities and skills by providing the necessary qualification and training opportunities.
  6. Follow up the daily work to improve it and raise the level of performance.
  7. Work to develop and build a team spirit among subordinates and encourage them to cooperate and help to provide new constructive suggestions and ideas to develop performance to achieve self-creation.
  8. Follow up on students inside and abroad in Iraq and issue the necessary orders in their regard.
  9. Supervising and ensuring the contribution of all the various functional activities within the divisions and organizational units in achieving the goals of the Institute and the teaching and educational process to reach the general goals and with optimum quality.
  10. Follow up on the lectures and confirm their scientific content while adhering to the timings.
  11. Supervising the continuing education courses, seminars, and workshops.