Vice-deanship of Administration and Financial Affairs

The duties of the Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs are as follows:

  • Coordinate and oversee all staff, administrators, and technicians in the division of the Institute to ensure adherence to requirements of the Institute.
  • Coordination of distribution among the divisions to ensure the interests of the Institute and its needs.
  • Follow-up issuance of orders pertaining to all appointment and placement as well as referral to retirement and resignation.
  • Grants and approves regular leave for technicians, administrators, and contractors of the Institute to enjoy within Iraq.
  • Recommending the granting of bonuses and promotions to technicians and administrators
  • Approval and acceptance of all medical reports that comply ‏With existing rules and regulations already in place regarding the system of leave ( number 76 for the year 1959 and it’s amendments).
  • Sign off on all bonus forms and promotions for professionals and administrators
  • Approve the granting of professional and engineering allowances, infection allowance and other provisions.
  • Follow up the work of the divisions of human and financial resources in all its details.
  • Recommending the referral of the Institute’s personnel from the technicians and administrators to the investigation by the Law on the Enforcement of State Employees.

Ahmed Mofak Hussien, PhD 

Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs