Vice-deanship for Scientific and Student Affairs

Duties of Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs

An essential link between the nine departments of the Institute with its units and divisions.

  • Responsible for organizing and coordinating conferences, symposia and cultural courses in coordination with the Scientific Division / Continuing Education Unit to raise the university’s aim of efficiency and sensitivity.
  • The scientific activities of the professors shall be shown through the follow-up of the research system planned, completed and published, which is a periodic work in coordination with the Scientific Division / Research and Studies Unit.
  • Follow-up with students inside and outside of Iraq and issue the necessary orders for them in coordination with the Scientific Division / Follow-up Unit
  • Assisting the higher management in setting goals and drawing up the scientific guidelines to make the necessary decisions for them.
  • conduct a needs assessment for staff and provide the appropriate training of training based on identified needs.
  • Follow-up work of the Division of scientific and student affairs and library unit.

Hussein Khalaf Saleh, PhD

Assistant Dean for Scientific and Student Affairs