Plant Production

Plant Production Techniques Medicinal plants

This Institution department specializes in agricultural production and receives graduated from the scientific branch (bio, applied and professional) The department is required to keep pace with the scientific development in the field of agricultural education through academic programs governed by academic standards. The program is designed to prepare graduates to be able to compete in the labor market locally and regionally while upgrading the role of graduates in the development of the agricultural sector and improving production in Country. The department aspires to be one of the leading scientific departments serving the agricultural sector of the community.

The vision and mission of the Department and the philosophy underlying it have defined the achievement of the following objectives:-

  • Provide human resources necessary for the requirements of economic and social development plans.
  • Provide students with information, skills and scientific expertise to enable them to contribute to the development process.
  • Consolidate the collective spirit among the students and prepare them for cooperative scientific life in the agricultural environment.
  • Achieve the highest level of interaction between the department and the scientific institution, whose functions and objectives are integrated with the tasks and objectives of the department.
  • Contribution to the training and rehabilitation courses, and continuing education and seminars at the Institute.