Office Management Tech.

The department was established in 1991 and aims to prepare specialized technical staff capable of using modern technologies in the field of office management, communication means, and correspondence for the completion of office work in the public and private sectors.

Characterization of graduate work: The graduate conducts all type of office work, activities that require formal features, public relations areas, and the use of modern techniques to develop and simplify the office procedures.


Preparing graduates who can carry out various types of office management activities requiring ceremonial features, public relations magazines, and the use of modern techniques to develop and streamline office procedures.

The message

Fill the need in the administrative disciplines with cadres with the ability to deal and management of offices with high professionalism and modern methods.


To graduate a staff with the ability to manage offices, laboratories, and state departments. This staff will have the ability to work on the organization of the Office and use sophisticated methods and global circulation to show the institution in the most elegant image.