Electrical Tech.

The Department of Electrical Techniques was established in 2008. The specialization aims at the graduation of qualified technical staff to carry out the operation and maintenance of the electrical units in the power generation, transmission and distribution stations and the maintenance of the protection and control devices for the electrical power system. There are two types of studies: Morning and Evening study Vision: Open the horizons of technical education by developing curricula and teaching students the techniques of controlling and controlling the world’s innovators and deviating from traditional traditions. The message: Cultivation of the spirit of cooperation and interaction with cadres to reach the collective work, the basis of the success of the institutions is collective work, the electrical system can only continue to work and the collective maintenance of all paragraphs of the system. Target: The graduation of professional cadres possessing experience and skill in the manufacture and maintenance of electrical equipment, in addition to: 1. Operation and maintenance of electrical units for power plants. 2. Operation and maintenance of electrical devices for the transmission and distribution of electric power. 3. Maintenance of protection and control devices for an electrical power system. 4. Installation and maintenance of ground and air cables.