Electronic Techniques Department

About the Department 

The Department of Electronic Techniques was established in 2016. It has one branch which is Computer Technology. The specialization aims at the graduation of qualified technical staff to carry out the maintenance and operation of computers in government departments and private sectors. All that for the purpose of meeting the need of the community to work in the field of computers and computer network systems. The department has only one type of study which is Morning Study.

The Message

To prepare skilled technical staff to accommodate the work of electronic devices in different fields such as (computer, control, electronic, and communications). In addition to developing these staffs to detect faults and repair of different kind of electronic devices.


Meet the academic and professional requirements and provide the community with modern electronic disciplines (electronic, computer, and communication technologies) through designing solid study programs that might meet these requirements.


The department aims to graduate technical staff qualified to work towards the following:-

  • Operation and maintenance of computers.
  • Operation of electronic circuits, audio and video equipment, receivers and transmission and microprocessor circuits.