Computer and Internet Division

Tasks and duties of the division:

  • Formulation of plans and programs for the work of the Center.
  • Establishment of general and specialized development courses in the field of computers and information technology for all the cadres of the institution; Teaching Staff, administrators, and technicians in accordance with the annual training program.
  • Supervising the website of the institution and follow up on its updates.
  • Carrying out the maintenance of electronic computers and their accessories for all departments of the institution.
  • Follow up developments in the field of information technology and work on the transfer and application in departments of the institution.
  • Preparing and equipping the laboratory computers and installing the necessary programs for each course to be held in laboratories and halls of the Computer Center.
  • Providing support and consultation to all institution Departments and Sections in the field of computers and accessories in terms of prices and types of equipment and keep abreast of developments and modernity in this field with the local and international market.